Improving the image of the company through the corporate website

A corporate site is a voluminous resource that can consist of dozens of pages. With it, you can fully describe the activities of your company and provide the visitor with all the necessary information. The company's website will allow your customers to examine in detail the products and services you offer, and will positively affect the activities of your company.

Creating a corporate website is an excellent solution for companies that want to find new customers, convey information about themselves and about the products or services they offer to more people.

Creating a company website

Creating a corporate website includes:

  • Development of individual design or use of the template;
  • Filling the site with customer materials;
  • Site management system with the following modules:
  1. The core
  2. Editable pages
  3. SEO module
  4. Write URL
  5. Menu management
  6. Manage pages
  7. Map
  8. XML map
  9. News
  10. Photo Gallery
  11. Rotator
  12. Order a call
  13. Feedback form
  14. Visitor statistics
  15. Favicon

The cost of a corporate website: from 20 000 hryvnia


Domain from 150 to 1000 hryvnia per year, depending on the registration area

Hosting from 500 to 1500 hryvnia per year, depending on the amount of hosting.

The advantages of creating a corporate website:

  • Individual representation on the Internet
  • Attraction of new clients
  • Expansion of the market for goods
  • Increasing company awareness
  • Simplify customer service.

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