Online shop for 30 days: the key to the success of your business

Online store is a tool that helps you organize online business and effectively sell products and services.

Representation of the company in the network is the business card of your business in the eyes of a potential client or partner.

Creating an online store in Ukraine expands the geography of customers, makes it possible to popularize your own brand, going far beyond your city or country to the world market.

For 8 years of our professional activity, we have helped dozens of projects to create a functional online store at no extra cost, launch a business online and get first sales.


Why do you get results with us?

  • We create an online store as convenient as possible for users;
  • Prepare a template or provide a choice of ready-made templates for an online store;
  • Your online store will have a built-in SEO unit;
  • Cross-browser and adaptive site;
  • Multilingual and multi-currency;
  • A large set of marketing tools to increase sales;
  • Convenient and easy to manage administration panel;
  • Quick start and 1 month project support for free.

More and more people prefer online shoping instead of tedious and long hikes in search of the right product or service.

The loss of this lion’s share of the target audience due to the lack of a site or its low efficiency is an unforgivable mistake. An online store allows you to keep a minimum of employees on your staff and save money on the purchase or lease of retail space.

Shiftreset Agency specializes in the development of online stores in the Dnieper and other cities of Ukraine, as well as their further promotion for the most profitable work of your business on the Internet. Over 8 years of work, we have created more than 300 successful projects using a variety of marketing strategies and our employees have gained enough experience to create an effective marketing product.

How to create an online store and get the maximum result?

Given the tough competition in the field of e-commerce, the creation of an online store website from scratch is a responsible job, the quality of which determines the future success of the business as a whole.

What points need to be considered:

  1. The structure of the catalog - it should be clear, understandable and logical, so that visitors immediately find what they need and easily navigate on the site
  2. Website usability - all elements should help the visitor navigate through the site and get into the right sections
  3. SEO settings - selection and distribution of keywords by page, meta tags, robots.txt and sitemeap.xml files, download speed and other parameters affecting thepromotion of an online store.
  4. Creating filter pages - which help not only to sort by the required folder, but also to create optimized pages for small queries
  5. Content - descriptions of categories, products, brands, filter pages, as well as useful articles and news in the blog. A clear description of the terms of delivery and payment, photos and video materials, reviews. The presence of all the necessary materials will help the client to make a choice in favor of the purchase and improve the performance of the site in the search
  6. Checkout page. The client often starts placing an order but does not reach sending it. Therefore it is necessary to make it as simple as possible with a minimum set of fields.
  7. Marketing tools - callback, forms of communication, the ability to do promotions and discounts, subscribe to the newsletter. All this will help to convert visitors into buyers and make repeated sales.


The cost of creating an online store from 40 000 UAH.

It is impossible to quickly develop a high-quality, with a good working functionality, a turnkey online store.

Since initially everything should be created thoughtfully, all the nuances of the business should be taken into account. In the process of creating it is necessary to conduct tests and check all the functionality for correct operation, then set up a website on the hosting, and also connect all necessary services to it.

Based on this, it is important to understand that a quality product cannot be cheap. However, the price may vary, depending on the terms of the specification.

What can affect the cost of creating an online store:

  • Development of prototypes and individual design;
  • Frontend development, transfer of basic elements;
  • Technology or CMS, which is being developed;
  • Installation of additional complex functionality;
  • The need for integration with 1C or other accounting systems, services;
  • Number of commodity items, categories and filters;
  • The need to integrate additional delivery or payment systems;
  • Configure feedback forms and conversion blocks.

Before starting work, we draw up a brief for our clients, after which a technical task for a group of developers is formed. To obtain a product that meets expectations, this is an important step that will help us delve into the nuances of your business in more detail and calculate the final cost of work.


The process of creating a turnkey online store can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Defining project objectives with the client.
  2. A deep analysis of the competitive environment and a detailed study of the niche occupied by the online representation.
  3. Drawing up and approval by the client of the technical task.
  4. Website development of the online store.
  5. Testing the product at all stages of creation
  6. Delivery of works.
  7. Run and configure the project to promote it.
  8. Development of a strategy for the implementation of these goals (a step-by-step plan for SEO-optimization, contextual advertising, SMM-promotion is being prepared, an E-mail marketing plan, price aggregators are prescribed, methods of advertising in mass media are specified).

The success of an online store is based on the effective interaction of several key parameters:

  1. The store should be one of the first to be seen by potential customers in search engines.
  2. The site should be as convenient as possible in finding the right products.
  3. The page design should be designed to encourage the visitor to complete the conversion.

Shiftreset experts know how to successfully meet these conditions. For potential customers who want to order thecreation of an online store, price is their primary interest and we have made it quite affordable. Acquisition of a selling resource is a profitable investment, which quickly pays off and gives a powerful impetus to further business development.

Advantages of the Shiftreset Agency

Effective developments of our company over the years of successful work in the field of e-commerce allow the team to create a product that will take your company to a new level and ensure profit growth.

 Shiftreset is:

  • Creation and further promotion of online stores
  • 8 years of successful activity and more than 300 effective projects
  • Online stores developed by Shiftreset experts, as much as possible adapted for SEO
  • Punctuality and efficiency in work.

Examples of internet shops developed by us:

Online store of alternative energy

Online coffee shop Vergnano

Online store agricultural equipment

Online store of construction materials

Regardless of the difficulties involved with the development of an online store site, the cost of services will be profitable with the highest quality results. We invite you to verify this right now and order an online store that will be the beginning of a new era of profitability for your business.



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