Setting up Google Ads

If you want to expand the boundaries of your business and increase sales, you need to configure contextual advertising to the appropriate target audience. The most effective mechanism for getting targeted high quality traffic is Google Ads. It is a contextual advertising service with a large set of tools and a user-friendly interface.

Contextual advertising on the Google Ads for today is the most effective and efficient tool to attract potential customers to your website. Since it selects exactly your target audience, the advertising budget will be used with maximum benefit and have a guaranteed result.


Successfully promote your business with Google Ads

  • audit of the target audience in your field of activity
  • analysis of major competitors
  • regular testing, improvement and search for new tools
  • continuous access to data and results of expenses
  • quick launch of an advertising campaign by Shiftreset specialists in 3-5 days
  • 1000 UAH account bonus for Shiftreset customers

How to get maximum results with Shiftreset

  1. Only certified specialists in setting up ads on Google Ads work in Shiftreset;
  2. using special tools, our specialists will conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors in all parameters: targeting, analysis by keywords, budget research, as well as analysis of headings and text ads;
  3. We set up negative keywords at the campaign and ad group level to prevent similar key phrases from competing with each other;
  4. our specialists use the “reminding advertising” method. That is, your potential customer sees ads with products that he viewed before;
  5. We use Google Shopping based on the Marchant Center. In this case, the advertiser does not spend money on page impressions, but only pays for transitions to the product page.


Setting up ads on Google Ads from 8000 UAH per month

What determines the price of advertising:

  • on the specifics of your activity and the degree of competition in this niche
  • on the amount of goods or services you want to promote
  • on the number and complexity of advertising campaigns
  • from a geographical location, the sizes of the market and other things

You can calculate the budget in more detail after the test campaign.

What is included in setting up ads on Google Ads from the Shiftreset team

Advertising settings on Google Ads are conducted in two ways:

  1. directly setting up an advertising campaign;
  2. and further adjustments in the management of sites, rates.

To set up an advertising campaign we:

  • define the goals and objectives of your ads in Google Ads
  • Link your Google Ads account with Google Analytics for statistics.
  • select and configure networks, device types, geolocation, rates, budget, ad display method
  • install the necessary ad extensions
  • we will select effective search queries
  • calculate the budget of your advertising campaign
  • set up a conversion tracking mechanism
  • explore the competitive environment to optimize advertisements
  • select the optimal semantic core
  • create advertisements with Unique Sales Offer and eye-catching items
  • match negative keywords with campaign and ad group
  • explore analytics data to adjust settings.

To optimize contextual advertising, we:

  • will analyze the current advertising campaign, determine the positions occupied in the advertising issue, calculate the cost of conversion
  • conduct research in the framework of existing advertising campaigns
  • based on the analytical data we change the ads for more relevant and selling
  • analyze post-clicks, increase the list of negative keywords, define new requests
  • increase conversion
  • adjust the rates by device, geographical location and time of day
  • provide the customer with all analytical studies and agree on further steps to promote.

Reasons to choose the agency Shiftreset

  1. we have only certified specialists
  2. our team constantly monitors innovations in advertising systems, quickly makes the necessary edits to texts and landing pages
  3. we are constantly updating the semantic core and ad groups
  4. develop the most effective strategies and select relevant tools for advertising
  5. we regularly analyze indicators: we set up analytics systems and combine them with coltracking systems.

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