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We are effective creative proffessional team!

We help businesses grow by attracting new customers and increasing attendance through internet marketing. We develop functional sites.

Our team provides comprehensive online marketing, website development, and project management in the field of e-commerce. We have been in the market for 8 years. All our specialists have extensive experience, high qualifications and are constantly improving their knowledge. We are frequent guests of specialized conferences, seminars and forums.

We have successfully implemented more than 120 projects, launched more than 300 advertising campaigns, developed more than 105 online stores. Our office is located in the Dnepr, but the geography of our clients extends to all of Ukraine, the CIS countries, Europe and English-speaking countries.

The mission of our company is to help small and medium-sized businesses to develop, grow and achieve results using online opportunities. Such a business requires much less cash and labor. And we want to make a contribution to the business to develop and bring our country to new levels of income and prosperity.

We believe that to achieve the goal - you just need to take the first step on the path to it! We will help you to make it and to maintain that success. Achieve your goal, be successful in business and have fantastic results!

We strive to create successful marketing strategies for our customers, develop online stores with all the necessary tools for a successful launch and generate income. We accompany all newly created projects so that they get the maximum result! Our life motto is a win-win combination, when our customers are winners - so we are winners too!

  • we work on the result
  • over 8 years experience
  • successful cases
  • individual approach
  • experienced professionals
  • more than 300 satisfied customers
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Our website calculator will help you to form the price for developing a website for your selected options. You can also send us a request for an individual calculation, if you have a non-standard project or a startup.

1 month of maintenance as a gift

Only until February 29th, there is a special offer, when ordering a website – catalog or online store, 1 month of maintenance and support for free. We will help you launch the site, get into search engines and attract first visitors.

Free SEO audit

Express audit, which will help to identify the main problems on the site and make a general assessment of the technical condition and optimization. Having made such an audit, you will see what weaknesses the site has and what you should pay attention to.

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WEB development

Website and online stores development that are easy to manage. Well-thought-out structure, built-in promotion tools, responsive design and usability are the key to a quick and successful project launch.

- Dedicated project manager for the project;
- clear terms of reference and plan;
- coordination of the functionality at each stage;
- delivery of the project with the deadline.

Project management

Comprehensive project management for the development and promotion of a website or online store. All the marketing components of the site, the structure, the seo strategy, the main offers.

- are being thought out already at every stage of development.
- ready promotion strategy at the development stage;
- an experienced project manager for the entire project;
- development taking into account the requirements of SEO;
- quick result after launch.

SEO promotion

SEO begins with an audit of the site, determining its main metrics and readiness to promote. Also compulsory study of competitors, niche, project goals and then drawing up a strategy and action plan.

- full audit of the site or online store;
- developed plan of promotion for at least 6 months;
- dedicated team of specialists working on the project;
- confidence in the growth of your business.

Contextual Advertising (PPC)

Contextual advertising is the fastest way to get first customers. But in order for these customers to be relevant, advertisements need to be properly set up and constantly monitored. Then it will give the best results.

- setting up a Google ads account;
- advertising account audit;
- launch advertising campaigns search, CMN (contextual media network), remarketing;
- certified specialists.

Social Networking (SMM)

Promotion of social network is necessary in some niches. It will help to build a reputation, communicate with customers, increase awareness and give full information about products / services.

- design of social networking pages;
- analysis of competitors' actions;
- page maintenance, daily activities;
- launch of targeted advertising.

Content marketing

Good content is the basis of any promotion. And this is not only text, but also photo, video, audio material. The attractiveness and usefulness of the site depends on its content, as well as how the product will look in the eyes of buyers.

- writing expert articles in many topics;
- scripts and video clips;
- photo reports, shooting goods;
- organization of filming press releases in the media.

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100+ проверенных сервиса в помощь seo-маркетологу
100+ проверенных сервиса в помощь seo-маркетологу

И для новичков и для профи SEO является не очень легким процессом. Почему? Потому что SEO всегда нуждается в использовании дополнительных инструментов. Каких и когда мы разберем в этой статье.

Тренды интернет-маркетинга 2020
Тренды интернет-маркетинга 2020

Процессы, проводимые в рамках работы с брендом, постоянно видоизменяются. Одни уходят на задний план, другие – «выстреливают» с огромной силой. Каким будет интернет-маркетинг в 2020? Рассмотрим новые тренды и все еще актуальные инструменты 2019.

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